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    Entrepreneurship is a viable career and employment choice (Dr Beem Beeka)    
  • Entrepreneurship: The process of starting and growing businesses, and an employment choice enabled by the ability to consistently identify, and co-ordinate scarce resources to develop opportunity.
  • Entrepreneur: One who makes the career choice, identifies, and consistently develops opportunity.
  • Intrapreneur: One who behaves like an entrepreneur while working within an organisation. 
  • Career: evolving work experience and synonyms with occupation, vocation, profession, job, calling, purpose or employment.
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19 Years Entrepreneurship Development 
Our mission is to develop and promote enterpreneurship: 
(1) To advocate for entrepreneurial careers
(2) To advance entrepreneurship training
(3) To contribute to entrepreneurship research and policy
(4) To enhance community opportunity development
(5) To design and publish entrepreneurship resources
(6) To advance entrepreneurship literacy to alleviate poverty
(7) To alleviate and prevent poverty through entrepreneurship
(8) To provide entrepreneurial initiatives which improve lives
(9) To enable entrepreneurship impact planned members of the public at large and generations
(10) To design and implement entrepreneurship career and opportunity development projects
(11)To facilitate entrepreneurship career training, coaching, mentoring, events & training trainers.
(12)To encourage lifelong entrepreneurship learning, critical thinking, adaptability and capacity building through cutting edge education using digital literacy, edutainment, information and communication technology.
  • Research 
  • Advocacy 
  • Training 
  • Books
  • Consultancy 
  • Innovative Projects